Fungilab – Capillary Ubbelohde (ASTM & DIN)


These FUNGILAB glass capillary viscometers allow to determine viscosities using ASTM and DIN testing methods. All capillary viscometers are supplied with the cali- bration certificate issued in accordance with the conditions of accreditation granted by a National Metrological Register which has assessed the measurement capability of the laboratory, the test uncertainty and its traceability to recognized international standards UKAS.

Ubbelohde Viscometers are used to determine kinematic viscosity of transparent Newtonian liquids. Sample volume: aprox. 15 ml. Precision: ±0.2%. *Fungilab offers many types of glass capillary viscometers that are not listed in our catalog. We can also manufacture glass capillary viscometers with customer-specified constants. Viscometers with special constants, added temps, and before/after data are available by special order. For further information contact Fungilab.