DASQUA Multi-Functional Electronic Digital Dial Indicator Gage Gauge Conversion 0-1 Inch/25.4 mm Measuring Tool


• Glass grating for precise and dependable performance
• Both the tolerance set, and alarm features are optional
An alarm light is available to quickly determine whether the product sizes are acceptable
• A fully cast housing constructed of an aluminium high-strength alloy that guarantees minimal deformation
• Each product is tested for temperature and humidity to ensure that it can be used normally in adverse conditions
• Every indicator comes with a certificate that matches


Electronic indicator measures 0 to 0.5″ (0 to 12.7mm) with 0.0005″ (0.01mm) resolution and + or – 0.0008″ (0.02mm) accuracy, for measuring short, linear distances in mechanical engineering, machining, and manufacturing applications