DASQUA High Accuracy Dial Indicator


  • Limit indicator clips are supplied.
  • The product is strictly manufactured in compliance with DIN878.
  • The jewelled bearings provide the lowest possible bearing friction.
  • The product has a narrowed range and higher precision.


Dial gauges, dial callipers, and probe indicators are other names for dial indicators. Small linear distances and object sizes can be precisely measured using these precision measuring equipment. The dial enlarges the measurement to make it easier for the human eye to read. Dial indicators are employed frequently in production, labs, and other industrial or mechanical domains anytime a small measurement must be located, recorded, or conveyed, such as when examining the variation in tolerance of a workpiece. The displacement along the indicator’s axis is measured by common dial indicators. Dial test indicators resemble dial indicators very closely, however they have a measurement axis that is perpendicular to their axes. Dial and dial test indicators come in both analogue (mechanical dial) and electronic (digital display) varieties. Some electronic models electronically transport the data to a computer for storage and possible manipulation.