DASQUA High Precision Measuring Tools Ranged Dial Bore Gauge Set With Extra Long Range Of 35-160mm


  • Wide measurement range from 35mm to 160mm
  • Cost-effective enough to match the performance of 2 or 3 dial bore gauges
  • Strictly manufactured in compliance with DIN878
  • Double fulcrum-points design for accurate measuring results
  • Optional carbide-tipped and ceramic contact points


The most popular measurement equipment for inside measurements of cylindrical items like pipelines and cylinders is a set of bore gauges. The bore gauge, in contrast to transfer gauges (telescope gauge, small-hole gauge, and beam gauge), performs the measurement with a direct read rather than a second time measurement, ensuring precision. The bore gauge has a long extension handle that allows it to reach sufficiently deep without compromising accuracy, outperforming the short reach issue with inside micrometres. The three-point inside micrometre may undoubtedly satisfy all of your needs and be simple to use, but it is much more expensive than bore gauges.