DASQUA High Precision Electronic Digital Dial Indicator Gage Gauge Inch/Metric Conversion 0-1 Inch/25.4 mm Measuring Tool With Calibration Certificate


  • Total forward error, hysteresis error, total error, and deviation error are all listed on the calibration certificate.
  • Aluminum alloy watchcase with strong strength ensuring minimal deformation
  • Glass grating for precise and reliable operation
  • Each product is temperature and humidity tested to ensure that it can be used normally in a demanding environment.
  • Copper sleeves and rods are also finely honed to minimise vibration.
  • Both the tolerance set and alarm features are optional. Additionally, an alarm light is included for speedy product tolerance checks.


For measuring short, linear distances in mechanical engineering, machining, and manufacturing applications, an electronic indicator measures 0 to 0.5′′ (0 to 12.7mm) with 0.0005′′ (0.01mm) resolution and + or – 0.0008′′ (0.02mm) accuracy.