DASQUA Monoblock High Precision 0-150mm Double Shock-Proof Dial Caliper Pro

• Parallelism error 0.007mm, indicator error 8; strictly made high above the norm of DIN862, ISO9001, and JJG30-2017; 20% stricter precision controls than DIN 862
• Stable monoblock frame with solid construction
• Impact-resistant tailboard made of high-strength nylon
• Precision lapped measuring faces on hardened ground jaws
• Beam ground producing sliding power throughout and silky movement 2.5N-3.5N
• Dual shock-resistant gearing
• Exact internal operations
• Improved metal wheel that doesn’t squeak or block
• With a sophisticated protection scheme
Calipers, which come in Vernier, dial, and digital varieties, are useful devices for doing simple length measurements.
You may measure length, diameter or outer diameter, and thickness with a digital calliper. such as inner diameter
Our dial calliper is a terrific option for mechanics, engineers, woodworkers, hobbyists, and other users. It is extensively used in the home, industry, and automotive fields.