DASQUA 6 Inch/150mm Electronic Micrometer Digital Caliper & Easy Inch And Millimeter Conversion

  • Surfaces of the beam are ground (Parallelism less than 0.015, 20% better than average) to ensure smooth movement all throughout; • With specific glass grating tailored to improve its quality;
  • The LCD Display’s greater size (Digit Size: 11.5mm) makes it easier to read;
  • The caliper’s body is constructed from premium thicker stainless steel.
  • All-metal structure guarantees the caliper’s longer lifespan and makes it more suitable for diverse industrial applications;


Calipers, which come in Vernier, dial, and digital varieties, are useful devices for doing simple length measurements.
To measure length, diameter or outer diameter, thickness, inner diameter, etc., use a digital calliper. Our digital calliper is a terrific option for mechanics, engineers, woodworkers, hobbyists, and other users. It is frequently used in the home, business, and automobile sectors.