DASQUA High Precision 6 Inch/150mm Oil And IP67 Waterproof Digital Caliper


  •  With electronic components sealed to improve its anti-liquid ability
  • Jaws ground to increase measurement accuracy
  • Industrial Quality: Surfaces of beam ground (Parallelism less than 0.015, 20% better than normal) to ensure smooth movement throughout
  • LCD Display is of larger size for easy reading
  • IP67 double protection against ingress of dust, splash water from all sides, and oil stains
  • The body of the calliper is constructed of premium thicker stainless steel with excellent fit and finish, while the housing cover is composed of a zinc alloy.
  • The longer lifespan of the calliper is guaranteed by its all-metal construction, which makes it more suited for varied industrial uses.
  • Precision-cut and aligned jaws are used.


Calipers, which come in Vernier, dial, and digital varieties, are useful devices for doing simple length measurements.
To measure length, diameter or outer diameter, thickness, inner diameter, etc., use a digital calliper. Our digital calliper is a terrific option for mechanics, engineers, woodworkers, hobbyists, and other users. It is frequently used in the home, business, and automobile sectors.