DASQUA High Precision 6 Inch/150mm IP67 Waterproof Digital Caliper


  • Inductive measurement system, IP67 liquid protection, calibration certificate, strictly manufactured in accordance with DIN862, industrial quality.
  • Glass grating that has been modified; an LCD display that is larger than typical displays to make it easier to read; and a calliper body constructed of solid stainless steel.
  • The calliper has a longer lifespan due to its all-metal construction, making it more suitable for various industrial uses.
  • Precision-cut and aligned jaws are used.


Calipers, which come in Vernier, dial, and digital varieties, are useful devices for doing simple length measurements.
The most recent iteration of this equipment is called a digital calliper. To measure length, diameter or outer diameter, thickness, inner diameter, etc., use a digital calliper. Our digital calliper is a terrific option for mechanics, engineers, woodworkers, hobbyists, and other users. It is frequently used in the home, business, and automobile sectors.