The TQC Automatic Krebs Viscometer is widely used for determination of the viscosity according to Krebs KU, as used in the paint, coating and ink industry. The TQC Automatic Krebs Viscometer is equipped with a clear display and easy user interface that ensure highly reproducible results in fully automatic measuring cycles.

The first KREBS viscometer totally automatic. No need to lower any handle!

Instrument based on the traditional KREBS method: a constant unique speed (200 rpm) and a unique rotating spindle. Microprocessor converts automatically measurement that is displayed continuously in the select unit: KU, g o cP. The DV1300 allows user to choose between 2 different operational methods, manual and automatic. If the Manual Mode is selected, user can choose any kind of container to perform measurements.

In Manual Mode, UP and DOWN keys move spindle to required position. Press START and STOP to begin with measurement and to stop rotation of motor. Automatic Mode allows to select and modify through keyboard 2 parameters: SampleWaitingTime -SWT (time in which spindle remains immersed in sample before rotation begins) and SampleMeasuringTime –SMT- (rotation time of the spindle immersed in sample).


  • easy to use
  • highly accurate
  • manual and automatic operation
  • unidirectional RS232 interface*
  • four lines digital display with backlight
  • level adapter set ( ½ pint, 1 pint) included

*used together with a serial printer delivers a printed ticket meeting requirements of data storage in quality control