TES Leakage Current Tester CM-03

Leakage Current Tester
Product Features
  • Accurate AC digital clamp meter for leakage current measurement
  • AC current measurement: 0 ~ 60A
  • AC voltage measurement: 0 ~ 400V
  • 10μA ultra high resolution on 40mA range
  • Shield transformer jaws to minimize the effect of external stray magnetic field.
  • Large jaw with 30 mm diameter.
  • ACA Five Ranges (40mA, 400mA, 4A, 40A, 60A) for all application.
  • A filter circuit is designed to eliminate the effect of high frequency noise and harmonics
    for AC current measurement.
  • Large 3 3/4 digits LCD
  • Fast bargraph display (30 times/sec.) for transient observation.
  • Continuity and Frequency measurements.
  • Max/Min, Data Hold functions, and Relative Measurement
  • Easy single rotary switch for any function selection
  • 600V overload protection for ohm measurement