TES Clamp Meter/Trms Clamp Meter TES-3900/TES-3901

Clamp Meter/Trms Clamp Meter
Product Features
•Variable-frequency drives (VFD) V & Hz measurement.
•LoZ voltage measurement to drain ghost voltages.
•Check 3Φ phase sequence.
•Motor Inrush current measurement.
•True RMS reading on AC and DC+AC mode. (3901)
•uA measurement for HVAC flame sensors. (3901)
•mV measurement range to interface with other accessories. (3901)
•Crest Factor (C-F) & Harmonic Ratio (H-R) measurement. (3901)
•Backlight LCD display . (3901)
•Data hold, Auto hold & Peak hold mode.
•Max/Min record mode.
•Data memory & read function