TES 3P4W Power Analyzer TES-3600N

Product Features
  • Easy-to-view LCD screen with 10 displays.
  • 4 Current Sensing Clamp Connectors
  • Power measurement for 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W2M, 3P3W3M, and 3P4W.
  • Real RMS sensing.
  • KW, KVAR, KVA, PF, Hz, and
  • Measurement of energy in KWh, KVARh, and KVAh.
  • A function that indicates phase sequence.
  • The ability of backlit displays.
  • Reading and Manual Data Memory (50 sets).
  •  Logging data
  • Three phase voltage USB optical interface current Harmonic analysis and Waveform visualisation.
  • Push-button operation that is simple to operate.
  • Portable, light-weight design.