SUNDOO Stepper Motor Vertical Test Stand SJS-5KV

SJS-5KV stepper motor vertical test stand

Stepper motor is used in the SJS series. Excellent stability, widespread applications, accurate and wide-ranging test speeds, stepless speed adjustment, manual operation, and automatic cycle. It could attain data testing and stand control by computer if it was matched to force gauge and software. It could test insertion/withdrawal, fatigue, tension/compression, and destructive tests.

  • Dimensions: 410 x 260 x 1030 (mm); 55 kg approx. ; 5000 N; 200 mm.
  • 1-240 mm/min for testing; 1 mm/min for speed resolution.
  • Configurable (add-on purchases): SH/SP(2N-5KN) force gauge, various clamps.