SINO HS620 Automatic Pressure Calibrator

Great performance DSP servo control technology, a modular design, and high stability are used in the HS620 Automatic Pressure Calibrator. In conjunction with an intelligent pressure calibrator, this achieves the automatic calibration function for pressure switches. It may automatically safeguard the internal pressure system and self-test for pressure leaks.

Users are instructed on how to calibrate pressure instruments by means of a large touch screen, a user-friendly English interface, and an internal help menu. With the addition of a powerful safeguard function, the items will cease producing pressure when the set pressure values exceed the pressure range. Calibration data are automatically stored, and the calibration results are counted. History information is easily accessed. Driver inside is currently automatically protected.

  • Pressure range: Differential (-1 to 1) bar
  • Gauge pressure (0.1 bar) and (0.95 bar)
  • Air is the working medium.