Hanna Instruments HI98198 opdo Waterproof Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

The HI98198 portable Optical DO (opdo) meter measures the amount of dissolved oxygen in water and wastewater using a luminous optical technique. This expert, IP67-compliant, waterproof meter measures temperature, DO, barometric pressure, and BOD. All necessary accessories, including a probe, a smartcap sensor with built-in RFID, and a tough carrying bag, are included with the HI98198.
In comparison to other Galvanic and Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Meters, the HI98198 Dissolved Oxygen Meter has significant advantages. The HI764113 Rugged Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe used by this meter, which has the advantages listed below, is used to measure dissolved oxygen.
  • No membranes or electrolyte
  • No flow dependence or minimum flow rate
  • Fast and stable readings
  • Minimal maintenance