Hanna Instruments HI83399 Water & Wastewater Multiparameter (with COD) Photometer and pH meter

The HI83399 is a small, versatile photometer that can measure important indicators of water and wastewater quality. With a cutting-edge optical design that makes use of a reference detector and focusing lens to reduce mistakes caused by changes in the light source and flaws in the glass cuvette, the metre is among the most advanced photometers currently on the market.

The metre is programmed with 73 different methods covering numerous ranges for 40 important water and wastewater quality indicators. The digestion metrics for wastewater treatment, such as COD, Total Nitrogen, and Total Phosphorous, are crucial for tracking nutrient removal. Additionally, the HI83399 has an absorbance measurement mode for users who want to create their own concentration versus absorbance curves as well as for performance verification.

  • Sophisticated optical system
  • Benchtop photometer with unmatched performance input for a digital pH electrode
  • One instrument that serves as a photometer and a laboratory pH metre can save valuable bench space.
  • Digestion Parameters for Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Provides the ability to detect COD, total nitrogen, and total phosphorus
The 73 different methods used by the HI83399 benchtop photometer to measure 40 different important water and wastewater quality parameters allow for varied ranges and chemistry adjustments for different applications. Treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater includes the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) parameter. Customers using municipal wastewater treatment that need to keep an eye on their biological and chemical nutrient removal process will find the Phosphorous and Nitrogen parameters helpful. This photometer has a cutting-edge optical system that makes use of LEDs, narrow band interference filters, focusing lenses, a silicon photodetector for measuring absorbance, and a reference detector to keep a constant light source to guarantee precise and reproducible photometric results each time.
The user can test pH with a conventional glass electrode thanks to a digital pH electrode input. The probe of the digital pH electrode contains a built-in microprocessor that keeps all of the calibration data. The probe’s ability to store calibration data enables hot shifting of pH electrodes without requiring recalibration. With a built-in thermistor positioned in the tip of the sensing bulb for quick and precise temperature measurement, all pH measurements are automatically corrected for temperature differences.
There are two USB connections available for powering the metre and uploading data to a flash drive or PC. The metre may also run on an inbuilt 3.7 VDC Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery for additional portability and convenience.
The HI83399 provides an absorbance measuring mode that enables the use of CAL Check standards to verify the system’s functioning. The absorbance mode enables the user to measure and plot their own concentration versus absorbance mode by choosing one of the five available light wavelengths (420 nm, 466 nm, 525 nm, 575 nm, and 610 nm). The Beer-Lambert Law can be used to teach the notion of absorbance to students and users with their own chemical methods.