Hanna Instruments HI839800 COD Test Tube Heater

Easy to use thermoreactor made of sturdy materials, the HI839800 COD Test Tube Heater. The aluminum block features a well for a reference temperature sensor and a capacity for 25 vials. With two arrows to set the internal timer and a temperature button with two predefined temperature settings—150°C and 105°C—its clearly labeled user interface offers simple operation. Status indication lights, a thermal fuse to avoid overheating, and a continuous LCD display are other features.
  • Alerts for low and high temperatures
  • Timer counting down built-in
  • LED status indicators
Two predetermined temperature profiles are available for the COD Test Tube Heater: 105oC and 150oC. Total phosphorus and chemical oxygen (COD) digestions are carried out at 150 °C, whereas total nitrogen digestions are carried out at 105 °C. The test tube heater starts heating up automatically and maintains the temperature there until the countdown timer expires. The heating element will switch off and a buzzer will be heard when the timer expires. Despite a timed digestion, the HI839800’s exterior feels cool to the touch. For sample digestions, a full setup includes a test tube cooling rack and an optional lab safety shield.