Hanna Instruments HI93754B-25 COD Medium Range Reagent Vials, EPA Method (25 tests)

The HI93754B-25 are reagent vials that use a compatible benchtop photometer to determine COD across a medium range in accordance with EPA-approved procedures. These top-notch chemicals are produced in our cutting-edge facilities, and each box is clearly marked with the lot number and expiration date for traceability.

  • Pre-dosed chemicals for simplicity
  • comes with a quality certificate
  • marked with the batch number and expiration date for traceability
The HI93754B-25 COD kit comes with 25 vials that are pre-measured and ready to use. These top-notch chemicals adhere to the EPA-approved procedure 410.4. This approach calls for a hot digestion to oxidize the sample’s organic components. Hexavalent chromium in the reagent is converted to trivalent chromium during digestion. Then, using colorimetry, the amount of decreased chromium is determined. A suitable photometer measures the color intensity, and the COD content is shown in mg/L (ppm) O2. These chemicals are intended to be used with samples whose predicted O2 concentration ranges from 0 to 150 mg/L (ppm).
Hanna vials only require a tiny amount of sample because they already contain about 3 mL of pre-dosed reagent. Pre-dosed vials drastically cut down on test preparation time and eliminate the need for labor-intensive reagent preparation or glassware cleaning. The COD reagents’ vials and caps are made to prevent unintentional reagent leaks. The quantity of chemicals used and the handling time are reduced as a result of the pre-dosed reagents.