Yateks Borescope M Series

A popular model is the Yateks M Series articulating borescope, which features replaceable tubes and flexible mechanical 360° articulation.
With a total weight of about 0.75KG, the M-series articulating borescope is incredibly portable thanks to its mechanical 360° joystick control construction. One main body of an articulating borescope can accommodate several insertion tubes of varied diameters, lengths, and camera modules to fulfil the needs of the customer. As a result, the customer can significantly reduce the cost of purchase, use, and maintenance.
  • A flexible, 360° mechanically articulating borescope that can be bent up to 180°;
  • One host may mix and match insertion tubes with varied diameters, lengths, and camera modules to fulfil the various needs of clients and significantly reduce expenses.
  • Four-layer tungsten alloy braided into a wear-resistant insert tube.
  • The probe on an articulating borescope has protection class IP67, making it waterproof and dust-proof and suitable for inspection in a variety of challenging environments.
  • LED packing technique is used in articulating borescopes. The probe may be illuminated up to 20,000 lux. You can use the dynamically adapted light levels in a variety of working environments.
  • An articulating borescope can be supported by a six-level brightness adjustment to identify various materials in various settings.
  • digital zoom in/out five times to examine additional details.
  • It is simple to use an articulating borescope to capture pictures, record videos, and store them.
  • Data may be shared and analysed with ease thanks to the USB interface, 16G huge capacity SD card, and TV-out port.
  • The articulating borescope’s big capacity battery ensures uninterrupted use.
  • Handheld ergonomics design that is lightweight (0.75KG overall).