Yateks Borescope B+ Series

Yateks’ B+ series portable endoscope is a feature-rich instrument that uses the most recent advancements in lens technology and HD image processing to provide images that are crisper and more visible even for slight flaws. At the same time, its straightforward and humanised operation, small size, and amusing appearance make it not only an essential tool for professionals in the auto repair industry to quickly and visually inspect vehicles, but also the top option for any car enthusiast who is concerned about their health.
Additionally, this product contains a front lens with a modest diameter of 2.2mm, a 2.8mm lens, and a 3.0mm side lens, allowing you to select one as needed. You can get the greatest combination at the best price to adapt to different working situations with one machine and many probes.
  • B+series portable industrial borescope with CE&RoHS
  • Optional diameter probe: front view 2.2mm;8mm; side view 3.0mm.
  • Flexible and Rigid inspection camera