Yateks Borescope B Series

A hand-held non-destructive testing (NDT) borescope inspection camera called the Yateks B Series industrial videoscope was created for pipeline, engine, gearbox, and casting maintenance and diagnostics.
With its unique strong light suppression and low light compensation, the high-definition 800 480 resolution ensures clear and detailed images. Strong light suppression can ensure clear vision when observing a reflective surface (such as metal); weak light compensation increases the observation distance and improves the clarity of the image.
For quick visual inspections by experts in the car repair, aviation, engineering, military, pest control, and NDT industries, the borescope video inspection camera is portable, small, and simple to operate.
  • Insertion probe is made of polyethylene, galvanised iron, and carbon steel.
  • 450,000 effective pixels
  • 11-cm mobile phone screen
  • high-intensity LED lighting (3 settings)
  • image-zooming feature
  • choices for flexible or semi-rigid insertion probes
  • a camera that faces forward or both forward and sideways
  • Focus and depth of field: 10 to 100mm
  • recording still and moving pictures to the system’s SD card
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (1 battery required for system use)