TQC sheen – Pull-off Adhesion Tester – PAT Handy 6.3kN

The TQC Adhesion Test Pat Handy is an easy to use, lightweight hydraulic adhesion tester that applies an increasing level of pull off force to a dolly adhered to the surface under test simply by turning the handle. The adhesion test head has self adjusting legs, which ensure that the pull off force is always applied 90º to the coating even on uneven substrate surfaces. The self adjusting feature results in extremely accurate and reproducible adhesion test results. The TQC Adhesion Test Pat Handy weighs only 1250 gram and comes complete with an A4-size carrying 80 mm height case.


  • Palm-held, light alloy pull-off tester
  • Case fits easily in the hand luggage (size of an A4 paper and only to minimise 80mm thick)
  • DFD® technology for true recording of coating strength
  • All types of coatings on all substrates
  • Any coating thickness
  • Internal and external curved surface
  • No test operator bias
  • Precision gauge for accurate measurements
  • Built-in hydraulic safety devices for smooth and drift-proof accuracy