TQC sheen – Abrasion Testers – Taber Linear Abraser

The TABER® Linear Abraser is designed to test virtually any size or shape specimen, the Linear Abraser is ideal for material properties of contoured surfaces and finished products.

Initially developed to evaluate wear resistance, this instrument can also be used to evaluate scratch resistance (single or multiple pass), color transfer (commonly referred to as crocking or a crockmeter), and perform coin scrape tests. Plus, with the universal or a custom attachment, ‘real world’ testing and other forms of material durability can be performed. The Linear Abraser can be used for both wet and dry testing.

The Taber Linear Abraser incorporates a horizontal arm that reciprocates in a linear motion.  Attached to the end of the arm is a precision bearing spline shaft that creates a ‘free-floating’ test system and permits vertical movement.  The test attachments are affixed to the bottom of the spline shaft and a weight support is mounted to the top.  As the horizontal arm strokes back and forth, the test system raises or lowers vertically as the test attachment follows the contours of the specimen.  A laser alignment guide assists with specimen set-up to ensures the abradant travels over the desired area.

Adjustable settings enable the user to select the speed, stroke length and test load.  The Linear Abraser includes six preset speed buttons, along with the ability to adjust the speed from 2 to 75 strokes per minute.  Eleven stroke lengths are standard ranging from 0.2 inch to 4.0 inch.


Art. No. TB0165
Taber 5750 Linear wear resistance tester