Superior Signal VPE-1000 Digital Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Applications for the VPE-1000 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

  • The VPE-1000 is ideal for large institutional or industrial settings such as schools, hospitals, and hotels. The VPE-1000 is suitable for a wide range of leak detection and plant maintenance applications.
  • Detection of Leaks: Air, Vacuum, Refrigerants; ANY GAS!
  • Steam Traps: Instantly detect live steam loss!
  • Internal leakage in check, ball, needle, gate or any other type of valve can be detected and heard! Thermal expansion valves can be diagnosed in just five minutes!
  • Bearings: Detect wear and lubrication issues before they cause damage!
  • Check circuit breakers, relays, and buss bars with an electric arc and a Corona! Examine the contacts for corrosion and proper insulation!
  • Pneumatics and hydraulics: effortlessly inspect controls, hoses, tools, fittings, and internal cylinders!
  • Vibration: Listen for the ultrasonic sound produced by excessive friction!
  • Belts for Fans