SUNDOO Torque Wrench Calibrator SDC-2~100

SDC-2~100 Series Torque Wrench Calibrator

A specific digital torque tester from the SDC series is used to test torque wrenches. It is simple to read and simple to fix clamps.

  • Peak Holding Function LCD, 320*240 Peak auto-releasing feature: peak holding time is adjustable (1-99 seconds) Automatic power-off function: You can choose the power-off time (1-99 minutes).
  • Comparing function: The gadget can judge the measured result as buzzer alarms after the initial input of the tolerance limit.
  • Units conversion: Automatically converting the three units N.m(,, and
  • Print the testing curve or a 10-group study of memory value within the printer. RS-232C output: Connecting an external device or sending data via the supporting CD to a computer for processing.