SUNDOO Full-Automatic Torque Tester STW

STW Full-automatic Torque Tester

The STW Full-automatic Torque Tester uses a mechanical drive and superior electrical technology with precise loading speed and test range. High sensitivity and precision for testing and controlling angles, loads, and deformation.

  • Without any action, automatic off mode, with freely adjustable time
  • High precision sensor, promising test accuracy
  • High-efficiency digital servo drive system with minimal noise and outstanding stability auto-return to starting point after test completion
  • High-speed approach and low-speed collection are the two speed modes.
  • Option for three units: N, kgf, lbf, automated exchange
  • Keep track of 10 test results and 3 groups’ curve tests
  • Various test modes for various test requirements manually controlled torque continuous angle Peak/real-time value/force curve
  • display at the same time on an 800*480 pixel, TFT colourful screen with touch capabilities, allowing you to keep an eye on the test procedure.