Mahr Metrology MarSurf VD 280

The professional all-rounder
for roughness and contour
with 280 mm probe section

The new MarSurf family CD, GD and VD is a precision product with maximum speed and flexibility.
Better ground-to-ground time of up to 65% is a convincing proof of speed. The flexibility is demonstrated by the large measuring range, the workpiece flexibility (even up to 80 kg) and the simple clamping system. The latter again supports repeatability and thus accuracy.
The special feature of the MarSurf VD is the high-precision contour and roughness measurement with one system. Simply replace the roughness measuring system and measure roughness with high precision.

All machines in the MarSurf family are based on a common platform.

  • Short measuring times due to high axis speeds and automated measuring sequences
  • Easy, fast set-up and changeover thanks to innovative clamping system
  • Magnetic holder for fast, tool-free probe arm change
  • Spacious mounting plate and large measuring range: also ideal for measuring large workpieces

Changing probing systems without tools

With the optimized probe systems, high-precision roughness and contour measurements, and that with only one measuring station:

  • Change during operation reduces changeover times
  • Roughness measurement with contour probe system possible with a very high measuring range at the same time
  • High operational reliability due to digital interface
  • Changing the probing system also enables high-precision roughness measurements

Simply measure faster

Thanks to the simple clamping system, workpieces are positioned safely, quickly and correctly. The measurement itself is carried out up to 65% faster by the fast axes and the new probe systems (measured using the example of a pin).

With the fast CNC axes and MarWin, the entire process can be automated. This enables further savings in the on-site process.