Mahr Metrology MarSurf LD 130

Highest precision
for roughness and contour
with 130 mm probe section

Combined contour and roughness measurements “in one go” can be excellently solved by proven cutting-edge technology of Mahr measurement technology.
The Measuring Stations MarSurf LD 130 and MarSurf LD 260 are characterized by consistent further development and integration of the experience from the first generation.
Measuring tasks in the various applications increasingly require the combination of contour and roughness depth determinations. In order to meet these requirements, the measuring instruments must demonstrate enormous metrological performance.
Resolutions in the sub-nanometer range as well as residual noise of < 20 nm Rz are just some of the required boundary conditions.

• Roughness and contour in one go
• High measuring and positioning speed
minimizes measuring times many times over
• Innovative probe system solution
• Fast and safe replacement of the
probe arms with simultaneous probe arm detection
by magnetic mount
• Long measuring distance up to 130 mm
with a measuring stroke of 13 mm
(at 100 mm probe arm length)
or 26 mm (at 200 mm probe arm length)
• Service-friendly due to modular design