Mahr Metrology MarSurf UD 130

The entry into
high-precision measurement technology
with 130 mm sensing distance

The MarSurf UD 130 closes the gap between the high-end solution MarSurf LD 130 / LD 260 and the new standard combination measuring station MarSurf VD 140 / 280 with two probe systems.
The technical data of the MarSurf UD 130 are based on the high-quality inferometric probe system, and the fast measuring and positioning speeds, which enable the reduction of measuring times per workpiece.

  •  Roughness and contour in one go
  • High measuring and positioning speed
    minimizes measuring times many times over
  • Innovative probe system solution
  • Fast and safe replacement of the probe arms
    with simultaneous probe arm detection by
    magnetic hatching