Mahr Metrology MarForm MMQ 500

The new MMQ 500 is the best option when it comes to tabletop form testers

  • Fast: More capacity on the form tester
  • Universally applicable: From small to large and heavy workpieces
  • Intuitive software: Short teach-in phase
  • Accurate even as the tolerances become smaller

High load capacity
You can even measure heavy workpieces of up to 80 kg using the particularly high-performance ZK table.

Faster alignment
The newly developed centering and tilting table enables alignments to be completed faster than on comparable models thus increasing efficiency and productivity.

Variety of applications for our products

Specific measuring tasks
Form & position, roughness, contour, waviness, and line form in the following industriesMachine building
Bearings, ball screws, shafts, sockets, rotational bushingsMeasurement close to production
PLC and end-of-line testing

Automotive industry
Steering, brake system, gearbox, motor

Hip and knee endoprostheses,  medical screws,  teeth implants

Art. no. 5440901