Hanna Instruments HI98303 DiST 3 Waterproof Low-Range EC Tester (0-2000 µS/cm)

A low-range electrolytic conductivity (EC) tester, such as the Hanna Instruments HI98303 DiST 3, can measure up to 2000 S/cm, making it perfect for monitoring a range of water quality applications, such as drinking water, water conditioning, irrigation water, and environmental monitoring. An effective pocket-sized tester for use in the field or lab, the DiST 3 is durable and trustworthy.

  • Slim, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand or pocket
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), displays temperature in °C or °F
  • Stability indicator confirms the reading has stabilized
  • Waterproof casing designed to float if dropped in water
  • Graphite sensor reduces polarization effects and does not oxidize
  • Automatic calibration at 1413 mS/cm with a single push of a button.
  • Automatic shut-off with three user settings
  • Battery Error Prevention System (BEPS) and low-battery Indicator