Hanna Instruments HI145-20 T-Shaped Celsius Thermometer (300mm)

For use in HACCP systems, the HI145 is a T-shaped digital thermometer with a stainless steel penetration probe. It provides measurements with great precision across a broad temperature range and has an ergonomic design.

For HACCP procedures that need high requirements of performance with ease of use, HI145 thermometers were created. With applications like arriving meat inspection and semi-frozen food, where applied force is required for insertion, the sturdy T-shaped grip fits pleasantly in the hand. In cooking applications, the LCD that is mounted on top of the meter makes reading it simple.

Features in plain sight
  • CAL CheckTM – As soon as the HI145 is turned on, a calibration test is run. With this special feature, the HI145 series checks the status of its calibration automatically and displays the results on the LCD to guarantee reading accuracy, consistency, and repeatability.
  • The HI145 is an excellent instrument for use as a tool for control in HACCP analysis since it complies with food rules and is HACCP compliant.
  • The HI145 thermometer has a 300 mm (12″) long AISI 316 stainless steel probe that is perfect for monitoring hot liquids, such as those used in deep-frying and soup preparation.
  • Increased Battery Life: The HI145 runs on AAA batteries and provides an amazing 10,000 hours of nonstop operation.
  • Auto Shut-off – This feature, which automatically switches the thermometer off after 8 minutes of inactivity, prolongs the thermometer’s battery life.