Hanna Instruments HI98129 Combo pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester (Low Range)

pH can be measured quickly and easily with the HI98129! In a single portable device, this compact, waterproof tester provides temperature, low range EC/TDS readings (0 to 3999 S/cm EC), high precision pH measurements, and all three! Stop changing meters to take your regular measures.

  • Waterproof and designed to float in water
  • Replaceable pH electrode with extractable junction
  • Selectable 0.45 or 1.0 EC to TDS conversion factor


  • In a single meter, there is a pH electrode, an amperometric EC/TDS sensor, and a temperature probe.
  • The pH scale ranges from 0.00 to 14.00.
  • Temperature is shown using Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), either in °C or °F.
  • A large LCD shows calibration tags, a low battery indicator, and a stability indicator
  • For simpler measurement recording, use the HOLD button.
  • A graphite sensor minimizes the effects of polarization and does not oxidize.
  • System for Preventing Battery Errors (BEPS)
  • has three user-controlled settings for automatic shut-off