Hanna Instruments HI9350011 Foodcare K-Type Thermocouple Thermometer with Ultra-Fast Probe

The HI9350011 is a waterproof K-Type thermocouple thermometer that detects temperature from -50.0 to 300°C (-58.0 to 572°F). It was created with user functionality and performance in mind. The supplied batteries can be used continuously for up to 3500 hours. The Battery Error Prevention System (BEPS) and CAL CheckTM guarantee the accuracy of the measurements. There are more K-Type thermocouple probes available in addition to the replacement probe.

  • Ultra-Fast response penetration probe that reaches 90% of its’ final value within 4 seconds.
  • High accuracy ±0.4°C/±0.7°F
  • CAL Check to ensure internal electronics are within acceptable tolerances
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