Hanna Instrument GroLine Hydroponics Waterproof pH/EC/TDS/Temperature Portable Meter – HI9814

The HI9814 is a portable meter that measures the pH, conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS), and temperature of nutrient solutions used in hydroponics, aquaponics, and greenhouse growing. It is slim, lightweight, and waterproof. The meter has two buttons: one for turning the meter on/off and calibrating it, and the other for switching between measurement modes. The HI9814 has advanced features such as a programmable EC to TDS conversion factor (0.5 – 500 ppm and 0.7 – 700 ppm).

pH, EC/TDS, and temperature sensors are all included in this three-in-one amplified probe.
Quick Cal Mode is used to calibrate pH and EC/TDS using a single solution EC to TDS. The conversion factor can be set between 0.5 (500 ppm) and 0.7. (700 ppm)