Cube applicator for applying a paint film of uniform thickness. Each Cube Applicator can apply 2 pre-defined thicknesses, or 2 thicknesses to customer specifications. TQCSHEEN Cube Applicators are ideal for applying paint on test panels used on for instance a drying time recorder.

Cube applicators are standard equipped with a guide plate. When used with a narrow glass panel (AB3602) this guide plate eliminates the need for a casterguide. The guide plate guarantees straight draw downs on the narrow glass panel (AB3602). The guide plate is fixed with screws and can easily be removed. Every Cube Applicator is made out of ASAB Stavax ESR medical grade stainless tool steel, which is sub zero vacuum hardened (+1756°C to -70°C), through hardened, hardness HRC 55.

*Through hardening versus Case-hardening or surface hardening.
Through-hardening means the metal uniformly is hardened throughout the piece. Case- or surface (face / frame) hardening only hardens the top layer of the metal. Once the top layer is degraded excessive wear and tear will occur on the product limiting its life time and affecting accuracy.