TES PROVA-6600 AC/DC 2000A Power Clamp Meter

  • Make use of a uniaxial Hall effect transverse probe with temperature compensation.
  • The user can choose between Gauss, Tesla, and Ampere/Meter readings.
  • DC AC and zero function Measurement terms
  • Maximum/Minimum record function and data hold
  • Alarm and Relative Limit function (High/Low)
  • Vector summing function for the X, Y, and Z axes
  • Power measurements of 34W, 33W, 3 balanced, 12W, and 13W
  • True power AC+DC: 0 1200KW (AC 600V, DC 800V, ACA/DCA 2000A)
  • 0 600V AC+DC voltage (True RMS)
  • True RMS AC+DC current: 0 2000A
  • 1200KW AC+DC (1), 2000KW AC+DC (3).
  • Dual monitors W+PF, KVA+KVAR, V+A, V+Hz, A+Hz
  • Measurement of phase angle
  • Frequency analysis
  • 3Φ RST (L1L2L3) Indication of Sequence
  • When power clamping on AC/DC auto-detection, the memory of four records DCA/DCW auto zero.
  • Automatic range
  • 55mm jaw diameter Low battery warning