TES AC/DC 400A Watt Clamp Meter PROVA-400

AC/DC 400A Watt Clamp Meter
Product Features
  • Measurement of AC+DC power: 0 to 240KW
  • 0 to 400A of AC current (True RMS)
  • 0 to 400A in DC current
  • 0 to 600 volts in AC (True RMS)
  • DC voltage range: 0–400V
  • Frequency range (auto): 1 Hz to 100 KHz
  • Simply press zero to adjust the DCA.
  • large LCD with 3 3/4 digits
  • Jaw size: 23 mm
  • 30-times-per-second fast bargraph display for momentary observation
  • Functions for Max/Min and Data Hold
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Simple single rotary switch for selecting any function
  • Ideal for tasks in cramped cable or switch box regions