TES AC/DC 2000A Power Clamp Meter PROVA-6601

AC/DC 2000A Power Clamp Meter
Product Features
  • 1-phase and 3-phase (4W, 3W) (2W, 3W) power analysis
  • True AC+DC power ranges from 0 to 1200KW (AC 600V, DC 800V, and ACA/DCA 2000A).
  • True RMS AC+DC voltage range: 0 to 600V
  • True RMS AC+DC current: 0 to 2000A
  • AC+DC 2000KW, AC+DC 1200KW (1-phase) (3-phase)
  • V+Hz, A+V, W+PF, KVA+KVAR dual display
  • PF for both 1-phase and 3-phase (4W, 3W) (2W)
  • frequency calculation
  • four records in memory
  • Auto-detection of AC/DC
  • Auto range
  • Jaw size: 55 mm
  • Low battery warning