TES-3196 AC/DC Gauss Meter


  • Utilize a transverse uniaxial Hall effect probe with automated temperature correction.
  • Gauss, Tesla, or ampere/meter readings are user-selectable.
  • Measurement of AC Trms and the DC Zero function.
  • Maximum/Minimum record function and data hold.
  • Limit feature for Alarm High/Low and Relative.
  • Vector summation function for the X, Y, and Z axes.
  • LCD backlight and auto-off functionality.
  • 99 data can be stored in manual memory.
  • Static magnetic strength is measured with a DC magnetic field metre.
  • Measuring the electromagnetic field’s wave motion with an AC magnetic field metre (EMF).
  • After processing machine parts, the magnetism should still be measured.
  • The magnetisable material’s magnetic force is measured.
  • Products for magnetic applications, measuring of magnetic field strength.
  • Products for electrical household appliances, the motor’s magnetic field intensity measuring.
  • To measure, go beyond the magnetite conducting field’s leaking.
  • Permanent magnet magnetic field intensity measurement.
  • Numerous steel items naturally introduced magnetic measuring.