TES-3196 AC/DC Gauss Meter

  • Make use of a uniaxial Hall effect transverse probe with temperature compensation.
  • The user can choose between Gauss, Tesla, and Ampere/Meter readings.
  • DC AC and zero function Measurement terms
  • Data Maximum/Minimum record function and hold
  • Alarm and Relative Limit function (High/Low)
  • Vector summing function for the X, Y, and Z axes
  • Auto power-off and LCD backlighting
  • Manual memory can store up to 99 items.
  • DC magnetic field metre measuring static magnetic strength AC magnetic field metre measuring electromagnetic field wave motion (EMF)
  • After the machine components have been processed, the magnetism must be measured.
  • Magnetizable material magnetic force measurement
  • Magnetic application products, magnetic field intensity measurement
  • Electrical household appliances, magnetic field intensity measurement of the motor
  • To measure, exceed the leakage magnetic field of conducting magnetite.
  • Permanent magnet magnetic field intensity measurement
  • Magnetic measurement was naturally introduced by various steel products.