TES-5321A / TES-5322A PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor (read directly)

Product Features

  • Simple device for measuring airborne dust (indoor).
  • Degree of air pollution in the direct reading field.
  • No requirement for mobile devices to download data from the cloud, no issue with Internet Traffic,
  • To power the metre, just use a battery or AC adapter.
  • Accurate readings of the temperature and humidity.
  • Volatile organic compound (VOC) tests of mixed gases with great sensitivity to H2, C2H5OH, C4H10, and CH4 gas (TES-5322A).
  • Has a time stamp feature, PM2.5 MAX/MIN.
  • LCD backlight display .
  • Air quality index category, six-color LED indicator, health index(0-9) detection and warning


  • Create a safe and healthy indoor environment for humans.
  • Portable for air quality monitoring in any situation.
  • Discuss the efficacy of various particle reduction techniques.
  • Indoor air quality investiges.