Mahr Metrology MarSurf UD 130 Aspheric 2D

MarSurf UD 130. The step into a new dimension
MarSurf UD 130 Aspheric is a very precise 2D surface measuring station for characterizing the contour and roughness of optical components.

Checking the topography in the first processing steps

  • Early detection of deviations, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming post-processing.
  • Output of the difference profile in machine-readable format for controlling the processing machine.

Increased flexibility

  • Various types of rotationally symmetrical aspheres can be measured with one measuring system. No further investments are necessary.
  • High measuring speed and dynamics (up to 5 mm/s for large lenses / up to 0.1 mm/s for micro lenses)
  • Free positioning of the probe tip.

Your results are correct

  • The high-precision MarSurf UD 130 is the basis for the precise measurement of your workpieces. The vertical resolution of 2 nm and shape deviations of < 300 nm guarantee you an exact reproduction of your asphere.
  • Changing the probe arm without recalibrating.
  • Measurement of optics with steep flanks possible.

Item No. 6850894