Mahr Metrology MarGear GMX 275 W

Precision, fully automatic testing of gears and gear cutting tools up to an outer diameter of 275 mm.

Combining gear measuring tasks with various form & position features has never been easier.

With over 6000 units sold, the MarWin environment is a clear and simple way of creating complete programs in Teach In mode.
This improves programming efficiency and reduces the possibility of incorrect use.

Proven GMX realtime machine error correction is also used for positioning movements with the new MarEcon control unit, guaranteeing maximum speed and precision throughout the entire measuring and movement sequence.

Variety of applications for our products

  • Straight and helical toothed cylindrical gears
  • Synchronous gears
  • Form and position measurements
  • Camshaft measurement
  • 3D geometries such as distances, diameters, cone angles, position, etc.

Art. no. 5442001