Hanna Instruments HI2040 edge® Multiparameter DO Meter

The innovative edge® tablet style metre is the result of Hanna’s vision, design skills, integrated production, and top-notch R&D. Edge may be used as a hand-held, wall-mount, or bench top metre thanks to its clever, slim-line design. Regardless of the format you choose, it provides quick, accurate results with laboratory-grade precision when combined with cutting-edge technology.

This metre is distinguished by its cutting-edge design, capacitive touch keypad, and simple user interface, to name a few features. Through a special digital electrode, DO is measured. This smart electrode allows edge to automatically recognise and record sensor type, ID, and calibration information when connected through a simple plug-in 3.5mm connector.

Edge offers streamlined screen features for routine measurements or extensive data display. It is programmed for both basic and advanced modes. Using the unique Hanna CAL-CHECK feature, it alerts users if the electrode is not clean or if the buffers are contaminated during calibration.