Hanna Instruments HI2002 edge® Dedicated pH/ORP Meter

The most cutting-edge pH/ORP meter in the world is now available from Hanna Instruments under the name edge®.
The result of Hanna’s vision, design skills, integrated production, and top-notch R&D is edge’s ground-breaking design. edge is a single, simple-to-use meter that measures both ORP and pH.
edge screen size

Advanced pH Electrode Diagnostics

Edge has sophisticated pH electrode diagnostics to guarantee accurate measurements. Hanna’s unique CAL CheckTM feature, which warns users of potential issues during calibration, is included in the diagnostics. When using extra pH electrodes with a corresponding pin, the Sensor CheckTM feature for glass and junction integrity is activated.

Capacitive Touch

Capacitive Touch

The capacitive touch keypad on edge gives it a striking, contemporary appearance. The keypad responds quickly and is delicate enough to be used while wearing lab gloves. There are no buttons that could become clogged with sample residue because the keypad is integrated into the screen.

Clear Full Text Readout

Large, Easy to Read LCD

Edge has a 5.5″ LCD screen that is visible at a distance of more than 5 meters. One of the easiest LCDs to read in the market is made possible by the huge display and wide 150° viewing angle.