Hanna Instruments BL10 Blackstone 10.8 L/h Chemical Dosing Pump

  • BlackStone’s BL10-2 pumps were created to adapt to the changing requirements of industry. The pumps are simple to put anywhere in your plant thanks to their wide, flat base and mounting holes for tank, shelf, or floor mounting (horizontal). In order to allow vertical mounting on a wall, tank, or machine, the rear of the pump housing also has mounting holes. Installation and flow adjustments are never a problem because the pump valve assembly and unit controls are on the front of the pump.
  • Positive displacement pumps, like Blackstone pumps, ensure that each stroke is equal to the strokes before and after it, maintaining a constant flow rate. This ensures that Blackstone pumps are more accurate than ordinary pumps. For your particular dosage requirements, a variety of BlackStone pumps are available with various dosing capacities. There are discharge and suction valves included with each pump.