DASQUA Professional Thickness Measuring Tools 0.00005″/0.001 mm Digital Outside Micrometer With Stainless Steel Spindle


• The 34x12mm wide screen and 8mm large display typeface make reading easy.
• Dual chip outputs offer a stronger and more reliable measuring function.
• A spindle that has been hardened and honed to provide stable precision;
While other spindles are made of carbon steel, which will cause accuracy to be lost easily, precision ground stainless steel spindles that have been ground twice guarantee accuracy and smooth movement (Pitch inaccuracy is 1 less than previously and meets world-class standard).
• Anvil made of special carbide for durability;
The measuring anvil from DASQUA is brand-new, special carbide that won’t readily wear off and won’t rust, unlike the others have carbide tips that will rust easily and lose accuracy.
• Ratchet stop for consistent force (5-8N, 20% more than usual); When tightening the micrometre, the ratchet efficiently stops overpowering pressures that could harm the spindle to more carefully safeguard your high-precision equipment;
• UV coat surface provides great abrasion resistance; • Ratchet socket wrench with extended length facilitates one-handed operation; • Most modern ergonomically built structure.


Precision measuring tools called micrometres use a calibrated screw to measure distances. These measures are converted into substantial screw rotations, which can subsequently be read from a scale or dial. In manufacturing, machining, and mechanical engineering, micrometres are frequently utilised.
Our micrometres are a terrific option for mechanics, engineers, woodworkers, hobbyists, and other users. They are frequently used in the home, industry, and automotive fields.