DASQUA High Accuracy 47PCS Gage Blocks Calibration Gauge Block Set Made Of High Quality Steel


  • All measuring surfaces are precisely machined, mirror polished, heated, and cryogenically treated; stable dimensions have excellent precision, a smooth surface, and a strong wringing force.
  • Comes with an aluminium case that fits.
  • High hardness (63HRC) and wear resistance are provided by high-carbon, high-chrome steel, which is strictly manufactured in compliance with DIN ISO 3650.
  • constructed from premium alloy steel
  • For protection, edges are slightly lapped.


In workshop, inspection, and dimensional metrology applications, calibration gauge blocks are frequently used to calibrate fixtures and precision instruments, as well as to check tools like mounting tools, cutters, fixtures, and mechanical parts. They are also used in the manufacturing process of calibration gauges themselves.